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Can I upgrade my account at any time?

Yes! You can start with our free package and upgrade anytime to enjoy premium features.

Updated 11 months ago

LinkedIn Insight Pixel

The LinkedIn Insight Tag is a piece of lightweight JavaScript code that you can add to your...

Updated 11 months ago

Do you provide a link for agency's customers to change and modify the details, links, etc at the Bio Page?

Yes, you have full control over Links and Bio Page customizations, and you can modify/create...

Updated 3 months ago

Can I add Custom Sub Domain?

Yes, you can add a Custom Sub Domain, 

How to point your...

Updated 3 months ago

Does Linko have deep link integration?

Deep Linking is not available, but Linko already triggers the native deep linking...

Updated 3 months ago

Google Tag Manager Pixel

Google Tag Manager allows you to combine hundreds of pixels into a single pixel. Please make sure...

Updated 11 months ago

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