— Boost Your Marketing Reach & Impact

Build meaningful connections with your
audience — anytime, anywhere

Transform every click into a meaningful interaction. Linko empowers you to create deeper connections with your audience – through personalized, trackable links that drive engagement and foster brand loyalty.

— Simplify your link management

Take full control of your short links

  • Shorten, brand, manage, track, and share your links effortlessly.
  • Streamline your workflow and focus on what matters most—connecting with your audience.
  • Gain valuable insights to refine and improve your marketing strategy.
  • Maintain complete control to boost engagement and maximize results.
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— Increase your brand awareness

Stay on brand: Replace “Linko.me” with your domain

  • Find the perfect custom domain to create branded short links that will increase familiarity and trust with your audience.
  • Replace "linko.me" in your links with a custom domain to create consistent and personalized experiences.
  • Show your customers that you’re a trusted source by branding your links with your custom domain and slug.
— Recapture lost leads

Turn clicks into customers with retargeting links

  • Reach visitors who have shown interest in your content but have not taken any action.
  • Show them targeted ads and lead them back to your website or offer.
  • Build custom audiences for retargeting campaigns across multiple platforms.
  • Maximize the impact of your ad spend by reaching the most interested prospects.
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— Power up your links

Drive Action, with call-to-action overlays

  • Make every link count with compelling call-to-action buttons and messages.
  • Design eye-catching call-to-action links that captivate your audience and encourage clicks.
  • Guide your audience towards desired actions: purchases, sign-ups, downloads, and more.
  • Track clicks, conversions, and other key metrics to refine your strategy and achieve your goals.
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— Engage & Convert

Boost customer engagement and drive results with interactive QR Codes

Convert any product, poster, or print advertisement into an interactive digital experience. Track scans and gather valuable insights. Elevate your marketing campaigns with a simple scan.

— Improve ROI on ad spend

Measure your ad campaign with UTM Tracking

  • Understand which specific ads are driving clicks, engagement, and ultimately, conversions.
  • Discover the most effective channels, platforms, and campaigns for reaching your target audience.
  • Identify top-performing ads and replicate their success to increase your return on investment.
  • Gain valuable insights into your target audience's demographics and interests to create engaging campaigns.
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— Test & Optimize

Elevate Your Marketing with A/B Testing

  • Experiment with different versions of your website, ads, or emails.
  • Discover which options resonate best with your audience.
  • Make data-driven decisions to boost conversions and achieve your marketing goals.
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— Build Stronger Digital Connections

The only platform you need to brand, track, & manage your links

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URL Shortener

Create branded links that encourage your audience to click. Share in any channel, and redirect to a new location as needed.

Best Link Management Solutions

  • Enterprise-level URL shortening services
  • Personalize links with your own brand
  • Use A/B testing, UTM and Meta tags
  • Advanced analytics and retargeting
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Link in Bio

Share all of your social media profiles and important links with a single URL, giving your followers multiple options.

Best Bio Link Solutions

  • Create & brand your Bio link in minutes
  • Better customization & deeper insights
  • Connect with users and sell products
  • Use 36+ widgets, themes and more
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QR Codes

Connect the physical and digital worlds with our dynamic QR code solutions tailored to each customer, business, and brand.

Best QR Code Solutions

  • Dynamic and trackable QR Codes
  • Fully customizable & Branded QR Codes
  • 14 QR Code types completely whitelabel
  • Advanced Analytics to Track Scans

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