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Boost your marketing, e-commerce, and affiliate strategies with Linko's powerful URL shortener. Create branded links, track results, and connect with your audience through Bio Links and QR Codes.
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The only platform you need to brand, track, & manage your links

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URL Shortener

Create branded links that encourage your audience to click. Share in any channel, and redirect to a new location as needed.

Best Link Management Solutions

  • Enterprise-level URL shortening services
  • Personalize links with your own brand
  • Use A/B testing, UTM and Meta tags
  • Advanced analytics and retargeting
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Link in Bio

Share all of your social media profiles and important links with a single URL, giving your followers multiple options.

Best Bio Link Solutions

  • Create & brand your Bio link in minutes
  • Better customization & deeper insights
  • Connect with users and sell products
  • Use 36+ widgets, themes and more
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QR Codes

Connect the physical and digital worlds with our dynamic QR code solutions tailored to each customer, business, and brand.

Best QR Code Solutions

  • Dynamic and trackable QR Codes
  • Fully customizable & Branded QR Codes
  • 14 QR Code types completely whitelabel
  • Advanced Analytics to Track Scans
— Simplify Your Link Sharing

Build unforgettable brand connections in a single unified platform

  • Elevate your brand with personalized links and QR codes that stand out.
  • Use in-depth analytics to track performance and refine your strategies.
  • Boost engagement with targeted campaigns and A/B testing.
  • Manage bio pages, QR code, deep linking, and UTM tags all within one platform.
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— Build Your Personal Brand

Everything you are. In one, simple link in bio.

  • Share all your social profiles, latest projects, and offerings in one place.
  • Personalize your link in bio page with your own branding and style.
  • Make it easy for your audience to find and connect with your content across platforms.
  • Track clicks and analyze audience behavior to optimize your online presence.
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— Create custom QR codes for every occasion

Connect physical & digital world with branded QR codes

  • Customize QR codes with your own logo, brand colors, and unique eye frames.
  • Connect your QR codes directly to product pages, special offers, or social media.
  • Analyze detailed scan data so you can learn from your audience’s actions and make smarter decisions.
  • Elevate your marketing with eye-catching QR codes that people actually want to scan.
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— Get to know your audience better

Track, & optimize all your connections in one place

  • Dig deeper into user data and track your top-performing links over time to build personalized experiences that resonate with your target audience.
  • Easily filter by date and download data to know when, where, and how your audience is engaging.
  • Track and manage your broad range of short links and QR Codes across emails, SMS, landing pages, social posts, and prints.
  • Understand the reach and impact of every ad and campaign, ensuring your dollars are put to good use.
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— Linko.me

A link management solution that fits every niche and business size

— Optimize your workflow, campaigns, & sales funnels

Upgrade your link management and gain aggregated statistics

Re-organize your links and create distinct campaigns for different promotions. Get aggregated statistics for all links in each campaign and automate your planning and workflow for streamlined management and comprehensive insights.

— Gain full control over your links today

Features that not only you need, but matters

Mobile Deep Linking

Use mobile deep linking to send users directly to specific content within your app, improving the user experience and increasing engagement.

A/B Testing

Optimize your link shortening strategy with A/B testing and discover which short links and campaign drive the highest CTR and conversions.

Re-targeting Pixels

Recapture lost visitors with retargeting pixels in your short links. Track user behavior and deliver personalized ads to re-engage potential customers.

Advanced Targeting

Maximize your link shortening impact with precise targeting. Direct users to specific content based on location, device, or other relevant criteria.

Link Redirects

Control your short link destinations with flexible redirects. Edit your target URLs on the fly, ensuring your audience always reaches the right content.

Hide Referrer

Hide referrer to protect referrer privacy and enhance affiliate marketing. Block the referring site’s URL to keep your traffic sources hidden from landing page metrics.

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