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How to create a channel?

10 March, 2024

What are Channels?

Channels are great for organizing your links, QR codes, and Bio pages. You can quickly access them when needed directly from the sidebar when you "star" the Channel.

How to create a channel and add Links, Bio Pages, and QR Codes:

  1. Navigate to the Channels  Create Channel.
Create a Channel

How to add a Link to a Channel?

  1. After creating your Channel, select ( check ✓ ) all the links you want to add to the Channel.
  2. Then click on the "box/package icon" from the link's "top bar options/icons".
  3. For QR codes and Bio Pages, you can add them by clicking on the three dots " ⋮ " and you will see the channels in a dropdown menu.
Add links to a Channel

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How to remove all or a single link from a channel?

Recently, we have developed and released a new option that allows users to remove links from a channel. Follow the steps below to learn how to remove a link.

  1. Go to the Channels,
  2. Select the Channel that you want to remove links from,
  3. Then, select a single or all of the links inside the channel and click remove from channel.

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