— Turn Clicks into Cash

The affiliate’s secret weapon
for link management

Track every click, optimize your links, and watch your commissions grow. Get the tools you need to streamline your affiliate marketing and increase your earnings.

— Share smarter, Earn more

Make your links more shareable

  • Create short, memorable affiliate links for easy sharing and higher click-through rates.
  • See which links perform best and where your audience is coming from.
  • Maximize affiliate revenue with data-driven insights and a professional brand image.
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— Build trust & Boost Clicks

Put your brand name to every short link

  • Reinforce your brand identity with every link you share.
  • Custom links look more trustworthy and relevant, leading to more clicks.
  • Avoid penalties from Facebook and Google.
  • Avoid email blacklists and spam filters.
— Smarter targeting, Better results

Target the right audience, Every time

Reach your audience with relevant content by customizing links based on their location, device, or language preferences.

— Protect your affiliate links

Mask your affiliate links with hide referrer

  • Keep your affiliate relationships and strategies confidential.
  • Prevent destination websites from seeing your referrer information.
  • Protect your valuable traffic insights from being shared with third parties.
  • Mask your traffic source for ultimate privacy and control
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— Experiment for Better Results

A/B Test your affiliate links to find what works best

  • Test different affiliate links, landing pages, or CTAs to see what works best for your audience.
  • Discover which variants drive the most clicks and conversions, not just theories.
  • Use data-driven insights to optimize your affiliate strategy and watch your commissions grow.
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— Share relevant content only

Set expiry dates for affiliate links

  • Schedule affiliate links to expire after a specific date or duration.
  • Limit access to exclusive offers or content for select audiences.
  • Prevent outdated promotions from circulating and harming your reputation.
  • Boost conversions with limited-time offers and promotions.
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— Boost affiliate conversions

Boost commissions with CTA overlays on short links

  • Add eye-catching buttons or banners to your affiliate links.
  • Guide clicks towards specific products or landing pages.
  • Turn more clicks into sales with clear, compelling calls to action.
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— Build Stronger Digital Connections

The only platform you need to brand, track, & manage your links

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URL Shortener

Create branded links that encourage your audience to click. Share in any channel, and redirect to a new location as needed.

Best Link Management Solutions

  • Enterprise-level URL shortening services
  • Personalize links with your own brand
  • Use A/B testing, UTM and Meta tags
  • Advanced analytics and retargeting
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Link in Bio

Share all of your social media profiles and important links with a single URL, giving your followers multiple options.

Best Bio Link Solutions

  • Create & brand your Bio link in minutes
  • Better customization & deeper insights
  • Connect with users and sell products
  • Use 36+ widgets, themes and more
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QR Codes

Connect the physical and digital worlds with our dynamic QR code solutions tailored to each customer, business, and brand.

Best QR Code Solutions

  • Dynamic and trackable QR Codes
  • Fully customizable & Branded QR Codes
  • 14 QR Code types completely whitelabel
  • Advanced Analytics to Track Scans

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