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How to add custom UTM Parameters?

Parameters and UTM Builder:You can define custom parameters and UTM for each short link. These...
Updated 2 months ago

How to create a short link?

Introduction to short linksShort links transform any URL you share into a powerful marketing asset...
Updated 2 months ago

How to set up Meta-Tags?

Meta-Tags:You can customize the meta tags for any long URL. You can change/add a custom "Meta...
Updated 4 months ago

Can we customize sharing preview on social networks?

Yes, you have complete control over your links and you can customize your sharing preview for each...
Updated 9 months ago

How to Export links?

Export Links:This feature allows you to generate a list of URLs in CSV format and export it to your...
Updated 1 year ago

What are Targeting features?

Linko provides an advanced array of targeting options to filter and optimize your traffic with the...
Updated 1 year ago

What are Redirection Types?

Linko has 5 types of redirection that you can use. Each of them is explained below.Direct...
Updated 1 year ago

What is Data Retention?

Data retention is the process of storing and keeping the data/statistics of Links, Bio Pages, and QR...
Updated 1 year ago

Does Linko have deep link integration?

Deep Linking is not available, but Linko already triggers the native deep linking feature...
Updated 2 years ago

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