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URL Shortener

Create branded links that encourage your audience to click. Share in any channel, and redirect to a new location as needed.

Best Link Management Solutions

  • Enterprise-level URL shortening services
  • Personalize links with your own brand
  • Use A/B testing, UTM and Meta tags
  • Advanced analytics and retargeting
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Link in Bio

Share all of your social media profiles and important links with a single URL, giving your followers multiple options.

Best Bio Link Solutions

  • Create & brand your Bio link in minutes
  • Better customization & deeper insights
  • Connect with users and sell products
  • Use 36+ widgets, themes and more
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QR Codes

Connect the physical and digital worlds with our dynamic QR code solutions tailored to each customer, business, and brand.

Best QR Code Solutions

  • Dynamic and trackable QR Codes
  • Fully customizable & Branded QR Codes
  • 14 QR Code types completely whitelabel
  • Advanced Analytics to Track Scans

Simplify your business workflow

  • Create branded short links optimized for easy sharing and retargeting.
  • Gain valuable insights about click-through rates, traffic sources, and device usage.
  • Use advanced analytics and reporting tools to make informed decisions and improve your campaign performance.
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Everything you are. In one, simple link in bio.

Combine your TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube content into a single, easily accessible bio link.

Allow your followers to easily access all of your content and products and gain insights into link clicks and audience engagement to help you improve your bio profile and online visibility.

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Branded QR Code Management

Maximize the impact of your marketing initiatives with our cutting-edge Branded QR Code Management solution.

Easily create, customize, and deploy dynamic QR codes to increase brand visibility and captivate your audience. Use data-driven insights to improve your strategy and engagement.

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Advanced Broken Link Management

Broken links can damage your website SEO and user experience. Our Advanced Broken Link Management solution can help you identify and fix broken links quickly and easily.

Our cutting-edge scanning technology will scan your broken links 24/7. When we find a broken link, we will notify you immediately and provide you with the option to fix it yourself or have us do it for you.

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Features that not only you need, but matters

Custom Splash Page

Craft captivating Custom Splash Pages to engage your target audience and boost your marketing efforts. Drive higher engagement and skyrocket conversions with our tailor-made solutions. Learn More

Custom CTA Overlay

Increase your website traffic and engagement effortlessly with Linko Custom CTA Overlays. Drive your audience back to your website using unobtrusive call-to-action overlays on external content. Learn More

Retargeting pixels

Maximize your conversions using Retargeting Pixels. Pixelate your audience and display targeted ads on 3rd party sites. Track real-time events with custom pixels from top providers like Google Analytics. Learn More

Team Management

Streamline your team efficiency with our intuitive Team Management system. Seamlessly invite team members and customize their privileges for efficient link, bundle, page, and feature management. Learn More

Branded Links

Use your branded domain to shorten URLs, boost your brand visibility, and build trust with your customers. Branded Domains are a powerful way to enhance your web presence and establish your brand as a trusted authority. Learn More

Powerful API

Enhance your applications with our powerful API and build custom solutions or extend existing ones with ease. Embrace efficiency, creativity, and flexibility as you integrate our API into your business workflows. Learn More


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