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  • Quickly generate QR Codes that stand out, feel on brand, and connect with your audience.
  • Create a custom QR Code for every occasion—from an invite-only event to an app launch—so you can conveniently share key content.
  • Customize your code with your logo, brand colors, unique patterns, frames, and more so it catches every eye.
  • Use your QR Code anywhere—on flyers, billboards, digital posters, and more—so engaging with you feels like the most natural thing to do.

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Elevate customer engagement and drive conversions with dynamic QR code solutions

Seamlessly integrate QR Codes into your business strategy, making it easier for customers to access your products, services, and promotions while gaining valuable insights through scan data.

14 QR Types

Generate, Brand & Manage QR Codes

  • Create static or dynamic QR Codes to share your Product catalogues, Social media links, Event tickets, Contact information or App downloads.
  • Brand your QR code with your own logo, brand colors, unique patterns, and frames to convey your brand image.
  • Manage and download your QR Codes in PNG, PDF, and SVG formats. Use them anywhere on emails, billboards, digital business cards (NFC Cards), and more.
Get real-time engagement metrics

Track Every Scan & User

  • Analyze detailed scan data with Bitly to understand your audience behavior and make smarter decisions.
  • Get real-time engagement metrics and compare QR Code performance to improve your campaigns.
  • With Linko, you can track the success of your QR code campaigns and make sure that your content is reaching the right people.
Manage & Customize

Manage & Customize QR Codes Easily

  • With our intuitive dashboard, you can manage your QR codes and links in one dashboard.
  • Easily update and customize QR codes, choose from a library of dynamic QR codes, and streamline campaign analysis to see the full performance of your campaigns.

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