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Which URL shortener is best?

31 July, 2023

Linko is a reliable and feature-rich link management software that offers a variety of benefits for businesses and individuals.

Linko is a great choice for bloggers, influencers, marketers, affiliates and businesses of all sizes who want to improve the performance of their links and track their click-through rates.

Shorten long URLs: Linko makes it easy to shorten long URLs, making them easier to share and remember. You can use our Bookmarklet or Chrome Extension to shorten URLs with a breeze.

Track click-through rates: Linko provides detailed analytics that allows you to track the performance of your shortened links, including unique clicks, device breakdown, geographic data and more.

Create branded URLs: Linko lets you create branded URLs that match your website or brand, making them more memorable and trustworthy.

Manage links at scale: Linko offers premium features that allow you to manage links at scale, including password protection, custom redirects, team collaboration and much more. Learn more.

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