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Our tools are designed to simplify your life and provide you a one-stop solution to your marketing needs.


The platform that completes all of your marketing needs

Brand Control

Take control of your branding by using your own domain, logo and content.


Invite your team members and manage resources collectively.


Use our integrated apps or integrate your own apps and increase your efficiency.


Our powerful dashboard allows you to track clicks, pageviews & scan.


Optimize your marketing campaign by analyzing statistics.


Scale your business by targeting users who are highly interested in your product.

Bio Pages

Konversikan pengikut Anda dengan membuat halaman indah yang mengelompokkan semua tautan penting Anda di satu halaman.

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Share the Editor

Share Bio Page editor with your clients directly from your account. Your clients will then be able to customize the Bio Page on their own.

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Advanced QR Codes

Kode QR yang mudah digunakan, dinamis, dan dapat disesuaikan untuk kampanye pemasaran Anda. Analisis statistik dan optimalkan strategi pemasaran Anda dan tingkatkan keterlibatan.

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Our Features

Get to know all of our features and see how amazing they are.

Smart Short Links

Create & customize short links with our advanced tools and enhance your campaigns.

Beautiful Bio Pages

Create amazing Bio Pages and group all of your social media links on a single page.

Smart QR Codes

Create unique QR Codes and complement it with your logo and brand colors.


Group your Link, Bio Pages, QR Codes in a single channel to easily manage them.


Group links into a campaign and easily them in bulk and view aggregated stats.


Various tools such as Bookmarklet & Full Page Script to shorten links easily.

Location targeting

Target your users based on their geographic location up to the city level.

Device Targeting

Target your users based on their device and redirect them to a custom page.

Language Targeting

Target your users based on their language and redirect them to a custom page.


Build UTMs & other parameters such affiliate id directly into the short link.

Advanced Statistics

View & analyze advanced statistics and optimize your campaign accordingly.

Tracking Pixels

Integrate easily your favorite tracking pixel in your links & bio pages.

Custom Redirection

Choose redirection from various types available and enhance user's experience.

WordPress Plugin

Use our WordPress plugin to easily shorten links directly from WordPress.

Slack Integration

Add our Slack tool to your workspace and shorten links directly from Slack.

Chrome Extension

Get the Chrome extension and start shortening links directly from your browser.

Powerful Dashboard

Manage quickly your links, bio pages and qr codes from our easy-to-use dashboard.

Developer API

Use our powerful API system and create your own applications while safely storing everything.

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