What is Data Retention and Statistics Feature?

Last Updated September 08, 2022

The statistics feature on the dashboard shows the overall data or statistics of all of your shortened Links, Bio Pages, and QR Codes.

The overall statistics show only the below-mentioned data:

  1. Links,
  2. Clicks,
  3. Top Countries, and
  4. Visitor Map.

What is Data Retention?

Data retention is the process of storing and keeping the data/statistics of Links, Bio Pages, and QR Codes of our user accounts on the platform.

So, it means all of the data you get/collect on your Links are being stored and retained according to our plans' data retention. If you buy our Lifetime plan, your data/statistics will be stored forever or as long as you have an account with us. But if you buy our monthly plan, your data/statistics will be stored for 60-day and after that, the statistics of your links will be reset.

Note: You will not lose any of your links only the statistics will reset.

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