What are Bio Pages?

Last Updated August 31, 2022

A bio page allows you to create a trackable and customizable landing page where you can add links to your social network pages. You can set a bio page as default and access them via your profile page.

How to create a Bio page:

  1. Navigate to the  Bio Pages.
  2. Click on the  Create Bio on the top right corner.
  3. Now you can customize your Bio Page using,
    • Content,
    • Social Links,
    • Appearance, and
    • Advanced.
  4. After finished, click on the  Publish.

Demo: https://linko.me/u/linko

I have added some links/URLs but it is not working or hitting the wrong URL, What to do?

If you are facing such an error then the only issue is that you are just missing adding the [ HTTPS:// ] prefix to your links/URLs and that is the reason that the links are hitting the wrong page.

When you miss adding the [ HTTPS:// ] then the platform thinks that the link you added to the Bio page is your domain directory.

So, every time you want to add a new link to your Bio pages please make sure to add the [ HTTPS:// ] prefix to your link.

Now please, navigate to your ⇾ Bio page and add the [ HTTPS:// ] prefix to all your URLs that are not working hitting the wrong page.

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