Quick Shortener

Last Updated August 21, 2022

This tool allows you to quickly shorten any URL on any page without using any fancy method. This is perhaps the quickest and the easiest method available for you to shorten URLs across all platforms. 

This method will generate a unique short URL for you that you will be able to access anytime from your dashboard.

  • Use your quick URL shortener from your account to shorten any URL by adding the URL after  /q/?u=

Note 1: For security reasons, you need to be logged in and using the remember me feature. Check out the examples below to understand how to use this method.

For example: https://linko.me/q/?u=https://www.google.com

Notes 2: Please consider that this method does not return anything. It simply redirects the user to the redirection page. However, if you need the actual short URL, you can always get it from your dashboard.

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