File Sharing

Upload your files securely and track downloads and pageviews. Easily share with collegues, friends and family.


Easy File Hosting

Upload your files securely and share them with your family & friends or collegues. Manage & customize file's parameters whenever you want. Don't want to anyone to download it anymore? No problem!

Upload & Share

Upload files easily with our intuitive uploader and share the link or QR code on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp & Linkedin in a clicks. Downloads are fully trackable and you can find out exactly how many people have visited your download page and where they are from.
File Encryption

We encrypt your files securily so no one else can access the file without your keyphrase.

Customize Download

Customized download parameters and choose your custom alias and other parameters.

Track Pageviews

Track all users who click on your download page and downloads your file.

Restrict Download

Add an expiration date or a maximum number of uploads to your file to restrict download.

Tracking Pixels

Assign a tracking pixel to your download an collect extra information via pixels.

Branded Download Page

Brand the download page by uploading your own logo and choosing a color scheme.

Easy Management

Manage your files easily with our easy to use dashboard and edit parameters whenever you want.

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